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About imanaghghshineh

About imanaghghshineh

Organizations and companies in achieving their goals and vision of the various activities and perform a complex. But the superior organization and leading activities and business processes of your clever,timely, high-quality, integrated and effective spending of resources and the cost of doing. The implementation of the activities in a different manner, in fact the company's password or organizations excellence in today's highly competitive markets is. Marketing and communications includes a set of activities and efforts that play a key role in the growth and development of an effective and organizations and companies.. Although marketing and communications has been used but in recent decades the growth of significant academic in this field occurred and leading companies and successful measures and initiatives marketing, sales and advertising with scientific principles and effective control of the deployment run, time and cost of doing.

The reasons for the choice of imanaghshineh :

Quality of service
Imanaghshineh azar not only production, but also with quality is the customer along the way the project from design to construction and finally run our favorable experience associated with acquires. Officials and employees of the company have a duty to all the required coordination between the company and customer to quickly, accurately and with high reliability under the supervision of superior quality with the service up to the customer to be provided.
The central core of effective advertising and marketing creativity. In room lighting ideas imanaghshineh team of professionals of marketing, creative writing and art that have the most innovative ideas for the introduction of products and services to customers and developed a researcher.
The intelligent
Marketing and sales strategies and goals of your organization in the Imanaghshineh operational programs to a cloth and are accurate translation that cover all administrative activities are required, and optimum allocation of the company's possibility to control the cost of marketing and advertising gives.
The focus
Imanaghshineh art or advertising your company knows. The main mission and fundamental solutions we offer a cloth, affordable and very effective for the realization of the objectives of the customer in fields such as increased sales, increased market share, introducing new products, brand development, marketing and development of the internal market.
Operational excellence
In imanaghshineh no Executive is not outsourcing activities. Services and executive marketing and sales services in imanaghghshineh in the form of a collection and by top professionals and employing new technology..